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There is no point in denying it, I have not written anything for some time. There is an explanation. Someone told me that it would take a few months to update the books and assess the financial success of “Light a Candle Weekend “.  They were right.


As we await a few more contributions, we can tell you that the exercise has improved our bank balance by £30,000. It is now time to give a very big thank you to everyone who contributed to that successful outcome. Not only was it financially worthwhile but it lifted our profile and alerted many new supporters to what we are offering to blind and partially sighted people who cannot read print .


Friends throughoutWalesarranged coffee mornings ,recitals and collections  Churches and chapels were able to make use of a special service prepared by the Reverend Beti-Wyn James. During those services, a new song by Tecwyn Ifan was a significant addition. Thank you both



Yes we are very grateful for the support from all corners ofWales, but we cannot sit back and rest on our laurels.  This is an ever ending project and our minds are now set on what to do this coming Autumn.


Although many schools responded to our appeal last year,I am sure there are possibilities for further input in that direction. Watch this space!


Over 40 books were recorded last year: 100+ cassette versions were digitalised. Two thousand offerings are available for those who have difficulty in reading print.  The work goes on.  If you have  need more information, please get in touch. The telephone number is 01267238225.


May we wish you a Happy Easter.



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