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Here we are a few days remaining before Christmas. It is a busy period for all of us. In the middle of it all I have had the pleasure of visiting two Christmas Tree Festivals. One was in the tiny village of Salem, near Llandeilo, the other in a rather bigger village, Llanddarog, near Carmarthen. One in a chapel, the other in a church. In both  locations the lights shone brightly on the Christmas trees

You may ask what has this to do with Talking Books Wales? The answer is quite simple. In both places our friends decided that this was one way of supporting our Light a Candle Week-end.

At one time candles were used to light up Christmas Trees. Health and Safety rules do not allow such  a practice today. All the trees were decorated with electric lights, and  that, in fact,  perpetuated the symbolism of  light bringing hope and comfort to those with sight problems. We like to think,  in Talking Books Wales, that we provide a service that brings a little light to people’s lives by providing audio books  for those who cannot read print.

Christmas tree festivals unite communities, bringing local organisations together, promoting the season of Goodwill.

I am so glad to report that societies, organisations, churches and chapels  through out Wales  have responded so magnificently to our appeal his year during and after Light a Candle Week-end. We do not have a final total of the money raised as yet . We are awaiting  news of various events that are being arranged between now and the new year.  But, it looks very encouraging. And we thank everyone for their wonderful efforts on our behalf. We appreciated the willingness of others to help our service, and that is , after all, the true meaning and  spirit of Christmas

On behalf of everyone at Talking Books Wales I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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